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Quality Control

Inspection Equipment
a. Automatic cleaning machine
The high automation of this cleaning machine ensures that the cleanliness all of the important spare parts have reached our desired point, thereby guaranteeing the performance of diesel engines.

b. Automatic nut tightening machine
This auto nut tightening machine from BOSCH contributes not only to a largely-improved production capacity, but also a more precise nut torque.

c. Crankcase cover auto tightening machine
The crankcase cover tightening machine was introduced from BOSCH to improve the assembly efficiency of diesel engines.

d. Cylinder head tightening machine
With this cylinder head tightening machine from BOSCH, operators only need to enter the prescribed torque value. Then the machine will automatically tighten the torque of the cylinder head nut to the desired level.

e. Air tightness testing instrument for cylinder head
The air tightness testing machine is used for testing the air tightness of cylinder head of diesel engines.

  • Automatic cleaning machine
  • Automatic nut tightening machine
  • Crankcase cover auto tightening machine
  • Cylinder head tightening machine
  • Air tightness testing instrument for cylinder head

Spare Parts Detection

  • Coordinate measuring machine (CMM)
  • Universal testing machine
  • Rockwell hardness tester

Our inspectors will check each spare part with these inspection instruments to make sure that the performance of diesel engine is highly reliable.

Inspection in Production Line
In Winsun, we have set inspectors for each process in the production line to ensure the diesel engine's quality.

Engine Commissioning
Engine commissioning is compulsory to verify the engines' functions and quality meet their designs.

Inspection before Delivery
Before being packed, the finished diesel engines will be checked again upon their performance and appearance. Only those qualified ones will be tagged and shipped.

Senior Employees

Chief Designer, Mr. Tang
Inspector, Mr. Guo
Minister of Production Department, Mr. Zhao
Mr. Tang is in charge of designing all kinds of diesel engines. He has accumulated over 30 years' diesel designing experience. Quality inspection is rather important because it is directly related to the final pass rate. Mr. Guo has been worked in the engine inspection line for 10 years. His proficiency allows our pass rate to be near 100%. Having worked in Winsun for more than 10 years, Mr. Zhao is familiar with each step in the production line. He is able to offer solutions efficiently for any problems in the line.

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