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Portable Fire Pump

Diesel Powered Fire Pump, Fire Fighting Pump, Firewater Pump, Pump for Home Fire Fighting

Technical Parameters of Fire Pump (BJD10A, BJD18 Series)
Model BJD10A BJD18
Water pump inlet joint type spiral type
joint caliber 65mm 80mm
Water pump outlet joint type tooth type
joint caliber 65mm
Rated flow (L/min) ≥500 ≥1000
Max flow (L/min) ≥750 ≥1400
Outlet pressure (MPa) 0.55 0.65
Max pressure (MPa) 0.6 0.75
Priming time (s) ≤20 ≤25
Max vacuum pressure (Mpa) ≥0.085
Starting way manually/electrically electrically
Max depth of sucking (m) 7
Net weight (Kg) ≤75 ≤105
Engine model WS188FB R2V870
Dimension: L ×W ×H (mm) 640 ×600 ×560 650 ×610 ×650
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