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High Pressure Cleaner

High Pressure Cleaner for Car, Pressure Washer, Home Use Pressure Washer, Heavy Duty Pump

This high pressure cleaner is designed with AR heavy-duty pump and Aluminum casing. It employs commercial brass cylinder and ceramic radial piston pump for its inner structure. With 10m high-pressure hose, the high pressure washer is able to quickly connect 0°/15°/40° injectors and chemical injectors. A micro switch is available for operators to adjust the pressure. Besides, we have equipped it with low-pressure detergent injector, trigger gun with safety lock, and 10-inch pneumatic wheels.

Optional devices:
1. Adjustable chemical injector.
2. Thermal relief valve.
3. 2.5" pressure gauge

Model WS400D-4G36
Engine type WS186FA diesel engine, 10HP, single-cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled, direct-injection
Starting way manually/electrically
Max pressure (bar) 240
Flow (LPM) 15.1
Speed (RPM) 3400
High pressure hose Φ8mm ×10m
G.W (Kg) 96
Dimension: L ×W ×H (mm) 810 ×750 ×580
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