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All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)

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All-terrain vehicle (ATV) is designed to handle almost any range of terrain. When it comes to the roads too hard for common vehicles to drive on, ATV is an ideal. ATV is a kind of off-road vehicle generally comes with open-air mode. It can drive easily on beach, river bed, forest road, stream, and even desert.

Parameters of ATV, WSQ910
Model WSQ910
Vehicle type all-terrain vehicle with twin-cylinder diesel engine
Dimension (mm) 2016×1180×1237
Wheel space 1271mm
Ground clearance 300mm
Curb weight/kerb weight 420
Max speed 40Km/h
Braking distance ≤7m/30km/h
Max climbing capacity 25°
Turning radius 3280mm
Engine model WS910
Engine type 4-stroke, V-twin, air cooled
Displacement 910ml
Rated power 15KW/3600rpm
Max torque 52N.m/2600rpm
Starting method electrically
Method of ignition Compression ignition
Spark plug type /
Carburetor type /
Clutch type auto dry clutch
Gearbox type CVT
Transmission style shaft drive
Fuel tank capacity 20L
Tire specifications front wheel rear wheel
AT26×8-12 AT26×10-12
Brake type front wheel rear wheel
disc brakes disc brakes
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